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Lisa Stewart in the Cleveland Gazette

Brecksville native makes it national on the television show The Doctors

Renowned beauty industry expert, Lisa Stewart is a trusted skin care expert whose passion and tireless efforts have earned her a place in the market as one of the most beloved and most sought-after skin care professionals in the country. Not only is she nationally known for her expertise she is a resident, alumni, and business owner (Solia Spa) in Brecksville. She is respected for her genuine approach and her ability to help her clients transform their appearance with cutting edge technology, current trends, tips and high-end products from around the globe.

Lisa Stewart showed the world the importance of keeping an up-to-date skin regimen with natural and organic products during Covid-19. She shares that during the pandemic she has seen a lot of skin that is .breakout out, premature aging and moisture being zapped out of the skin. She discussed how bacteria and enzymes known as saliva vapors are getting trapped in our mask. The saliva vapors disrupt the skin barrier causing the skin to break out (maskne), increase in brown spots, and or dry chapped flaking skin. She suggests some DIY treatments with ingredients you might already have at home like yogurt, honey and flaxseed oil. The segment Hydrate your skin and fix acne from your pantry aired November 10th 2020, however, you can view it on the Doctors website for my information on how to care for your skin.


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