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 I am thrilled to share with you a dream I have had for years. This dream has now come to fruition and is near and dear to my heart. 

Welcome to Michael's Promise. I chose Michael after Arch Angel Michael, who gives us strength and protection.  Our Promise to you is to create a supportive healing place where you choose to live your empowered, authentic, beautiful you!  We welcome you to Michael's Promise.


Michael's Promise

We are on a mission to help children and adults who endured sexual abuse.  Our goal is to have a non-profit online and brick and mortar facility where children and adults come to start their healing journey.  A place that is safe, loving, and peaceful is now coming to fruition. 

As a very young girl, I experienced sexual abuse for several years. I grew up thinking I was not good enough in just about every area of my life. My self-esteem was barely there, and I carried shame for far too many decades. It has taken me a long time to heal; I didn't know where to go and buried the pain. I realized the most amazing thing that came out of this darkness, that is, I found my purpose, why I am here on this planet. I am compelled to help children and adults that have been molested to heal.  I want survivors of any abuse to know you are more than enough, and shame is not yours to carry. You are a beautiful, strong soul made from God's perfection and can have your dreams become reality. 

Image by Ben White
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