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Close Up Radio Spotlights Lisa Stewart of Peri Skin Care

Brecksville, OH – Lisa Stewart is an expert in skincare management and the founder of Peri Skin Care.

Inspired by her grandmother’s daily skincare routine, Peri Skin Care’s natural products nurture the skin.

According to Lisa, we don’t need seven different items for our face. Keep it simple, cleanse moisturize to maybe a serum depending on if your skin is dry or oily.

“I believe people put too much faith in the marketing of large skincare companies,” says Lisa. “It’s easy to be deceived by the fancy marketing, but chemically, most of what is commercially available to us is made with synthetic chemicals you’re absorbing into your bloodstream that will actually make your skin worse.

Why spend $500 on injections when you can spend $80 on a quality moisturizer. The ingredients chosen for Peri Skin Care’s production are food grade, so pure you can eat them.

“If you have a product that's really efficacious, concentrated with pure, safe, natural ingredients, you'll see the difference.”

Lisa is also the owner of the Solia Spa, focused on skincare and massages. She is also an industry expert and an advisory board member for Skin Inc. Magazine. More recently, Lisa established Michael's Promise, a nonprofit organization that advocates and supports abused children:

“My goal is to have both a brick-and-mortar and online facility where kids and adults who bear this burden can feel safe, loved and heal until they no longer feel they have to carry this shame with them through their whole life.”

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